White Space in The Believer

In Terms of Art: New Language from Contemporary Architecture by Scott Geiger.

Olmsted’s Blank Snow in the Boston Globe

In Rethinking Snow by Courtney Humphries.

Olmsted’s Blank Snow in Co.Design

In Buffalo Professor To Turn Snow Into a Colossal Work of Art by Suzanne Labarre.

Olmsted’s Blank Snow in Buffalo Rising

In Olmsted’s Blank Snow: A Snowscape by Julia Foy.

Olmsted’s Blank Snow in Good Magazine

In Video: Choreographed Snow in Buffalo Becomes Winter Park by Kyla Fullenwider.


Olmsted’s Blank Snow Press Release

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White Space in BLDGBLOG

In Igneous Hydrology: Landscapes on Demand.

UB Reporter on Architectural Blankness

Sergio Lopez-Pineiro and his work on architectural blankness has been featured in the UB Reporter.