Spatial Fields

In order to open up the space and free it from preexisting social structures and cultural programs, Holes of Matter designs continuous, homogeneous, and non-hierarchical fields. Read more …


Holes of Matter is a design practice that focuses on the gaps found in everyday spaces and appearing due to mismatched relationships between social structures and spatial organizations. Led by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Holes of Matter gives form to these gaps in buildings, landscapes, and cities.

Holes are Things

Inspired by Carl Andre’s dictum “A thing is a hole in a thing it is not,” Holes of Matter explores the gaps existing in the relationships between social structures and spatial organizations. Read more …

Declaration of Intentions

The work developed by Holes of Matter is positioned at the confluence of design and the public realm as a way of exploring the interdependence, or lack thereof, between social structures and spatial organizations. We are committed to exploring these relationships through both practice and research, but always keeping design as the central and agglutinating factor of these explorations. Read more …


Sergio Lopez-Pineiro is the founder of Holes of Matter. Read more …


Please send your message to sergio(at)holesofmatter(dot)com. Thank you.

Three References

The following three references illustrate our theoretical foundations and can help the reader locate our work within the architectural discipline. Read more …


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